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PostSubject: EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS   Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:36 pm

Presentation Advantage™
Learn to present with confidence and credibility through a proven process that focuses on both design and delivery.

FranklinCovey has taught more than 250,000 communications programmes since 1972. We're also known for the Franklin Planner™ and the No.1 best-selling business book of all time, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® by Dr. Stephen R. Covey.

Presentation Advantage™ is a dynamic, fast-paced, two-day programme that helps you learn how to turn presentation anxiety into confidence. Our ability to harness the right combination of communication tools will help you improve the quality, impact and results of virtually any presentation.

It's a fact. How well you communicate and present ideas speaks volumes about how well you think. Weak presentation skills can result in confused and distracted audiences, poor decisions, lost opportunities and blocked career paths.

So how do you acquire the presentation skills that help you convey essential messages and persuade others in order to gain credibility and acceptance? With Presentation Advantage™ from FranklinCovey.

Persuasive Presenting Is a Learned Skill

Admit it. It's easy to envy talented speakers who make presenting look effortless. Consider, for a moment, your own work associates and the presentations they make. For a gifted few, presenting is no sweat. But many associates freeze when they're in front of people. Others don't organise their thoughts. Still others lose confidence before an inattentive audience. What's more, valuable time in meetings is wasted when presenters don't get to the point quickly enough. Rest assured. Presenting is a valuable and powerful skill that everyone can learn with the right training. And Presentation Advantage™ is that training. It teaches a sure-fire preparation process that focuses on two main elements - design and delivery. You learn how to design and plan presentations that capture an audience's attention, and how to deliver key concepts with power, confidence, and enthusiasm. And that means improved presentations and better results.

Design a Clear and Convincing Message

Design a powerful message that makes an impact on your audience:

Identify your purpose and determine audience needs and expectations
Assess the situation and brainstorm, organise, and develop the main points to clearly convey the right message
Add the framework with an introduction, conclusion, and visuals that capture and support your ideas
Use specific Franklin Planner forms to simplify the design process.
Stand and Deliver with Poise and Confidence

You are the key to your message. Look like a natural presenter by learning proven presentation skills:

Attract and keep your audience's attention
Develop a personal style that exudes confidence and power
Use voice dynamics, gestures, and movements to convey energy and enthusiasm
Present the right appearance - dress, grooming and posture
Manage stress and use positive stress to enhance your performance
Communicate nonverbally
Strengthen Your Performance: It's true. The skills taught in Presentation Advantage™ enhance your thinking processes, and help you design and deliver clear presentations so that your audience will understand your ideas and support your conclusions. Better communication means better decisions. And that means higher performance for you and your organisation.

Presentation Advantage™ taught me preparation skills that help me feel more organised and confident when I present. The methods I learned provide a way to structure my ideas before I present, allowing me to communicate more effectively and persuade my audience." Dave Jones, MoorMan's, Inc.

Our expert presenters will share their secrets of success with you, at our public, on-site or private programmes.

Open Enrolment: Held in many cities throughout the UK & Ireland.

Corporate, In-house Workshops: Conducted at your place of business and customised to suit your organisation's needs.

Certification Programmes: A FranklinCovey certification programme empowers your organisation's facilitators to teach FranklinCovey curricula throughout your organisation. Certified in-house facilitators play pivotal roles in helping their fellow employees sustain a high-performance culture rooted in enduring principles of effectiveness.

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PostSubject: Re: EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS   Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:19 pm

Franklin Covey or for that matter any other Western writer spend their time in learning & applying the multifarious techniques (including that of communication). Susequent discussions are held in special sessions of training for trainers for discussing the scope of success; simultaneously highlighting the limitations. These sessions help enlarging the scope of individual recommendations, which is done through collective deliberations aimed at threadbare analysis . After the collective recommendations are formulated, individuals are given an opportunity to make further additions through their respective experience; and finally these recommendations are finalised by the forum through collective evaluation.

Unfortunately we in the East, particularly those living in the Muslim World, believe in status-quo (perhaps because it is a trodden path offering security without involving any risk); or else are much too lethargic to undertake any venture of the kind. Results are obvious-even our quantitative & qualitative stndards are set by organizations like International Standards Organization (ISO). Each set up gets the output directly proportional to its Input; and we are most welcome to our lethary and/ or incompetence.

Jameel Zaidi
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