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PostSubject: DEVELOP A CLEAR VISION   DEVELOP A CLEAR VISION Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 12:06 pm

Develop A Clear Vision
The one quality that all leaders have in common is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future.The one quality that all leaders have in common is that they have a clear and exciting vision for the future. This is something that only the leader can do. Only the leader can think about the future and plan for the future each day.
1.Take the Time to Think
Excellent leaders take the time to think through and develop a clear picture of where they want the organization to be in one, three and five years. Leaders have the ability to communicate this vision in such a way that others "buy in" and eventually see the vision as belonging to them.
Motivate People to Give of Their Best
It is the vision of the future possibilities, of what can be, that arouses emotion and motivates people to give of their best. The most powerful vision is always qualitative, aimed at and described in terms of values and mission rather than quantitative, which is described in terms of money and numbers.
2.Money is Important
Of course, money is important, but the decision and commitment to "be the best in the business" is far more exciting.
3.Keep Your Cool
Another key to leadership success is for you to "keep your cool." A study at Stanford Business School examined the qualities that companies look for in promoting young managers toward senior executive positions, especially the position of Chief Executive Officer. The study concluded that the two most important qualities required for great success were, first, the ability to put together and function as part of a team. Since all work is ultimately done by teams, and the managers' output is the output of the team, the ability to select team members, set objectives, delegate responsibility and finally, get the job done, was central to success in management.
4.Practice is Everything
The second quality required for rapid promotion was found to be the ability to function well under pressure, and especially in a crisis. Keeping your cool in a crisis means to practice patience and self-control under difficult or disappointing circumstances.
5.People Are Watching
The character and quality of a leader is often demonstrated in these critical moments under fire, when everyone is watching, observing and privately taking notes. As Rudyard Kipling once said, "If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then the world is yours and all that's in it".
Your job as a leader is to have a clear vision of where you want to go and then to keep your cool when things go wrong, as they surely will.
**Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:
1.First, project forward 3-5 years and imagine your ideal future vision. What does it look like? What steps can you take immediately to begin turning your future vision into your current reality?
2.Second, resolve in advance that, no matter what happens, you will remain calm and cool. You will not become upset or angry. You will take a deep breath and focus on the solution rather than on the problem.
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PostSubject: Re: DEVELOP A CLEAR VISION   DEVELOP A CLEAR VISION Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 12:47 pm

Let there be no doubts about the fact that leadership is essentially charged with the responsibility of leading the entire unit towards a preconceived goal; whether the following shares leadership's viewpoint or is reluctant to offer its unconditional cooperation. Needless to mention, that about human nature it could easily be said & with certainty that here is God's plenty.

A good leader is the one who instead of breaking his following self-respect or ego succeeds in sharing the collective objective and dovetailing the individual goals with the collective effort & results. This might take a little effort and a little more time, but once this objective is achieved, collective concerted effort pays the dividends improving both quality & quantity of output. For leadership courses in US the emblem is Follow me.

Explaining one's objectives to the team is by no means an easy task; because it takes iconoclastic task of ensuring that Leadership objectives are unconditionally owned by the entire unit; for which the leadership itelf has to develop a very very clear vision foreseeing the pitfalls & difficulties to be encountered on the way to improved management. The future plan evidently envisages adoption of suitable decision-making and problem-solving techniques to carry the entire team towrds collective objectives. In other words, unless leadership is adequately equipped with the powers of a visionary, it is not likely to succed.
Jameel Zaidi
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